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Voyaging Foods develops gluten-free baked goods and dry mixes from Hawaiian heritage canoe plants such as Kalo (Taro) , 'Uala (Sweet Potato) and 'Ulu (Breadfruit).

How are we different than any other gluten-free company?  Voyaging Food produces Ancestral Taro Powder from Hawaiian Taro, as a starch replacement and thickener for use in soups, stews, smoothies, or oatmeal.  We also use it in all our baked goods and dry mixes.

Why Taro?  Taro, a vegetable tuber, contains fiber, iron and vitamin B's (most commonly missing in gluten-free diets) and is one of the most digestible food staples in the world.  And as a local food advocate, we only source Hawaiian Taro to increase food growing lands in Hawaii.  With your support, we donate a portion of our proceeds back to Hawaii's community. 

 Here is a way to learn more about these organizations that Voyaging Foods holds dear:

  • Hokulea & Polynesian Voyaging Society :  The Polynesian Voyaging Society is a non-profit research and educational corporation based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. PVS was established to research and perpetuate traditional Polynesian voyaging methods




  • Kapolei High School Culinary Program & FCCLA :  Family, Career & Community Leaders of America is a leadership and career development organization with a focus on family and community. It is a large national organization with chapters in public high schools and middle schools that offer Family & Consumer Science courses



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Taro painting for Voyaging Foods by Mike Carroll